5 Liter Rotary Film Evaporator

Rotary Evaporator 5 liter is designed and developed for Solvent removal and concentrate for Heat Sensitive Materials. Rotary Extractor 5 liter is its variant in which Simultaneous Solid Liquid Extraction and Concentration of Extract takes place. This reduces Valued Operation Time


Model RE –05-SW -02
Electrical connection req. 230V, 50 Hz, (1 Phase neutral)
Total Power consumption 2 KW
Rotation drive 0.18 HP , Three Phase, Weatherproof TEFC Motor
Bath lift 0.12 HP, , Three Phase , Weatherproof, TEFC motor
Speed Control 20 – 200 RPM with Electronic control and digital display-Frequency Converter
Heater 2 KW, Weatherproof
Bath heating control Electronic, On Off with PT-100 & Digital display
Bath Movement Motorized
Vapor temperature PT-100 with Digital display
Sealing of Vapor Shaft Borosilicate -Glass and PTFE with Mechanical Seal
Bath temperature Up to 180oC
Process Timing Indication Digital
Electric Control Panel With push buttons ,switches and electrical safety protection, Weatherproof
Bath Double walled Stainless steel with insulation
Glass Evaporation Set up 5 lit Evaporating Flask, 0.2 m2 upward condenser, 2 lt receiver with drain valve,Soxhelte Extractor
Housing and trolley MS Powder coated , Castor Wheels Movable and Lockable-German Make
Supporting Structure MS powder coated
Flanges and Gasket MS powder coated Flanges and Gasket- 100% PTFE

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