Rotary Film Evaporator

The rotary evaporator principle is the most universal method, as it is an efficient, last and gentle way to separate liquids. The rotating flask continuously covers a large surface area with a thin film, which is ideal for rapid heat transfer. Fortuitously, the film also ensures uniform heat distribution without local heating.
The facility to work the unit under full vacuum further facilitats evaporation at as low temperature as possible. These features render rotary film evaporator to be ideally suited for evaporation of heat sensitive material.It is equally successful for evaporation of suspension in crystallization processes drying of powder/ granule etc.

Salient Features :
  • Movable Model, sleek, compact with minimum footprint and available with 20 lit. ;50 lit. and 100 lit.
  • Glass Distillation set up and Equipment can be customized as per applications and process Requirement
  • Best vacuum sealing with Dry Mechnical Seal .All Contact parts are of Glass or/and PTFE ,which extends
    its life and reduces down time
  • Special arrangement is provided such that single person can dismantle hot flask safely
  • Operator Friendly control panel-Higher rated microprocessor based with large digital display
  • Overheat temperture controller saves material by cut off Power to heater in case of Main
    controller failure
  • Models available with parameter of Safety and validation
  • Glass Distillation set up can be customised as per Client’s Requirement
  • Combo models are available for Solid Liquid Extraction and Concentration


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