Bromine Recovery Plant

Bromine in Nature available in Sea water in PPM levels.Sea Brine-bittern formed in Salt farms after removal of salts contains Bromine in 2-6 GPL Level. Highest bromine content available in the Dead Sea at Israel and Jorden. Bromine is extracted from salt brines by reactive stripping.

Salient Features
  • Production of 99,9% bromine from Salt bittern-brines
  • Debromination of brines and waste bromide stream down to 0.1% Bromine
  • Proven and state of the art process know how
  • Bromine recovery from industrial bromide
  • Glass and glass-lined steel as ideal highly corrosion and diffusion resistant material
  • Highly efficient Hot process

Bromine recovery From Sea bittern

  • UD Technologies offers bromine production plants with the proven process know How. Bromine is widely used in the manufacturing of Fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and Fire retardant chemical
  • Bromine is available in nature as magnesium bromide in seawater in minute quantities say 0.065 Gram /liter. With the solar evaporation of water in salt farms result in crystallization of salt. After removal of salt, remaining mother -sea Bittern is rich in Bromine content say 2.5-4 GPL. This content can be economically recovered using the hot process to produce elemental bromine
  • As Bromine itself is highly corrosive manufacturing process is at a higher temperature, Ud Technologies offers complete plant with special corrosion resistant material of construction with purity complies with Indian Government standard IS 2142


Brief process Description :
Process divides into three steps:

  • Displacement of Elemental Bromine from Sea Bittern in Oxidation reaction by Chlorine

  • Steam Stripping of Bromine and condensation

  • Purification of Bromine to remove chlorine and moisture.


Main Reaction Column is Combined Reactive Stripping Column. First, two steps carried out in the same column. Step 3 –Purification involves separate Distillation Column.
Design of Plant is carried out considering varied Bromine content in feed ad varied flow rates. Due to this design, it is possible to run the plant in different seasons with consistent purity.

Product Quality Specification:

  • Strictly adheres with Indian Government standard IS 2142

  • Bromine –Wt%: 99.5%

  • Chlorine- Wt % > 0.05% -0.08%


Bromine Recovery from Industrial Solutions We Design, Supply and Commissioned the glass Plant for IS Quality Bromine from Industrial Bromide Solution.

Bromine being a highly reactive material finds wide applications in many Chemical Industries like Organic Intermediates, Dyestuffs, Agrochemical, Fire retardants etc for Bromination
The reactions to form the chemicals usually generate hydrogen bromide as a by-product as in the following example :
R – H + Br2 ^ R – Br + HBr
Clearly, no more than half the bromine added ends up in the product – the rest being rejected as hydrogen bromide gas and as dissolved bromides such as Sodium Bromide, Potassium Bromide (often rejected in washing solutions). But bromine is an expensive raw material and economic good sense suggests that it should be recovered. Hydrogen bromide in water and then recover the bromine from this solution as well as from other aqueous waste streams. We can then purify the bromine to give a product (typically better than 99.5% bromine) to re-use in the reactors.

Aqueous Bromide solution is reacted with chlorine gas in reaction or Stripping column. The Chlorine liberates elemental bromine from the dissolved bromide. This is stripped out by the live steam feed from the bottom of the column.

Crude bromine is then distilled to get Bromine purity of minimum 99.5%. The solution is not always so simple though, as feeds are often contaminated with organic material from the process. These organic impurities have to be removed by pre-treatment before feeding to the plant.


Overview of the System
The system consists of Stripping / Reaction Column – Glass Cooling / Chilling Heat Exchangers Phase Separator – Glass Bromine Purification Column Pure Bromine Condenser – Glass Vent / Guard Condenser – Glass Bromine Reboiler – Glass Bromine Product Cooler – Glass
Crude / Pure Bromine Collecting Receiver – Glass


Application Industrial
Weight 230-750gm
Features Reasonable Price
Power Source Electric
Finishing Polished
Material Metal

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